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We’ve seen some pretty ridiculous shit pop up ever since the phenomenon of Kickstarter infected the Internet. Not all the stuff that people want funding for makes a lot of sense, particularly when it comes to big-moneyed stars trying to get other (i.e.: poorer) people to pay for their pet projects. But one of the latest Kickstarter campaigns is actually worthy of our attention. Star Trek: The Next Generation star, LeVar Burton is looking to get some cash together so he can restart his old educational show, Reading Rainbow.

First and foremost, check out the Kickstarter promotional video below:

Of course, it won’t be the Reading Rainbow that we used to know and love. We’re getting the newer, tech-savvy version if this Kickstarter succeeds. Considering that the Internet is more popular than television these days (particularly among the younger generations), this seems like the way to go. And Burton is a pretty awesome dude, putting so much of his time into the incentive program for a good cause.

For more information, you can head over to the official Kickstarter page. Donate some cash to help an actual educational endeavor and get cool incentives such as:

  • Subscriptions to the Reading Rainbow App and Library
  • Miscellaneous swag, such as coffee mugs, bumper stickers, t-shirts and the like
  • Signed pics of Burton and/or a signed copy of Burton’s new book
  • Personalized videos and voicemails
  • The chance to chat with Burton via video or phone
  • Passes to the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention, Louisville Fandomfest, Wizard World Chicago or Reading Rainbow Live
  • A picnic with Burton!
  • A chance to appear in a Reading Rainbow video!
  • A private dinner with Burton!
  • And, for serious Star Trek geeks, the opportunity to wear Geordi’s actual visor

Of course, you have to pledge quite a bit of cash to get the big stuff. But if you’re a fan and have $10,000 to drop, why the hell not? It’s for a good cause, after all.

And damn if the campaign isn’t already attracting a ton of attention. Even though it just started today, it’s already reached over half of its $1 million goal. Jump in and help it get even further. Because, despite what some people may believe, books are GOOD.


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