After the rough departure of director Edgar Wright from Marvel’s Ant-Man, many questions remain. How much of the crew will be replaced? Will all of the cast who signed onto the project remain in their respective roles? Do we even want to watch an Ant-Man movie, sans Edgar Wright?

But the biggest matzah ball still left hanging is: who is going to take over for Edgar Wright in the director’s chair? Well one name we can rule out is James Gunn, who helmed this summer’s Guardians of the Galaxy for Marvel. Thus far, Gunn has been quite understanding and supportive of both sides during this divorce, but it doesn’t look like he’s ready to hop into the bed his friend has just been kicked out of.

Rumors of Gunn directing Ant-Man began over at Comic Book Movies, who cited an unnamed source (heh) who allegedly said Marvel is looking for Gunn to step into the project. Taking to Twitter, Gunn shot down what he deemed “bullshit rumors” quite hilariously:

That seems pretty cut and dry. 

To be fair, anyone with half a brain could sniff out the suspect nature of CBM’s initial article, as their source also allegedly told them that if Gunn doesn’t want the Ant-Man job, Marvel might tap one of his brothers (Brian Gunn or Sean Gunn) to helm the picture instead. The problem with this bit of info is that neither one has ANY feature directorial experience under their belt (Brian is an up-and-coming screenwriter while Sean is mainly an actor). This isn’t a Bob Orci situation, where he’s made a studio trillions of dollars with writing and producing and thus handed a franchise installment

Marvel is still looking to hit their targeted release date of July 17, 2015. They better get cracking with filling this position. 

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