The film world is still reeling from Edgar Wright‘s departure from Ant-Man but Marvel wants nothing more than to move on, quickly. Of course they have some pretty big shoes to fill now that Wright has said adios. Ever since his exit, many have wondered who would take his place. What sort of director does Marvel want to replace one of the greatest comedic and cinematic minds of our time?

Well, The Hollywood Reporter has an apparent shortlist of names in consideration and, I’ve gotta say, it isn’t too surprising.

The three men in contention for Ant-Man are Rawson ThurberRuben Fleischer and Adam McKay. 

Thurber is the man who came on the scene with Dodgeball and followed that up with last year’s surprise hit We’re The Millers. The guy has done well with comedy. A big summer blockbuster? Not yet. Fleischer’s first film, Zombieland, contained a good deal of both laughs and well-constructed action and thrills. He also directed Gangster Squad so the fragrance has come off his rose a little, so to speak. Still, a logical choice and one we would have eventually seen tossed around in the superhero genre.

The last name is Adam McKay and he’s a big one. We all know McKay. Anchorman, Step Brother, Talladega Nights – McKay needs no introduction. In any other situation, seeing him attached to a movie like this would get me excited – especially since Paul Rudd is still starring. However, this is going to be a clean-up job. McKay would add some zest and it would be fun to see him take on a comic book film but this will truly not be his baby. In fact, whoever gets the position will always be under the shadow of Wright.

It seems that Marvel is looking at people who have their comedy chops, which makes sense. With McKay, you also get a guy with a lot of experience making a movie in the editing room. I mean, the guy re-released an entire second cut of Anchorman 2 for goodness’s sake. He can make a film out of outtakes alone! So while they want someone who will bring the funny, they also want someone who can cobble together a movie from bits and pieces, which yet again makes me a bit concerned for the script. Are they going to shoot this thing on the fly and see what happens in post-production? They better have a damn good script, they lost Wright over it!

With their three top picks, Marvel has made one thing clear: they are still aiming to make Ant-Man a fun, comedic film. Unfortunately for them, they just lost Edgar Wright, a man who does that in spades. No one makes fun and comedic like Wright. However, it seems like one of the three names above will try.

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