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Even though the World of Warcraft film is officially done with shooting, it’s still a long way from here to there. After all, this type of movie is going to require a hell of a lot of CGI work in post-production. In the meanwhile, we get to sit back and wonder what the heck the movie is all about. We already know the main plot involves a first meeting between orcs and humans, but other than that there’s not much out there. Now, actor Ben Foster has stepped up to talk a bit about his role in the flick. Read on for all the info.

In a recent interview with IGN, Foster had this to say about his character in World of Warcraft:

“The character in Warcraft that I play is named Medivh. He’s a mage, which is essentially a sorcerer…He came up in a time protecting an area, and the way he protected this area was through magic. As peace returned to this land he took a break. He hung up his staff, so to speak, or let his guns get dusty. We meet him as his friends are returning asking for his help in a battle.”

Those that play Warcraft in its various incarnations and recognize the name of Medivh may also realize that his back-story has been changed up a bit. Of course, that’s pretty much par for the course when it comes to adapting a property to the big screen. The only question is – how much more have they changed and are those changes for the better?

He also talked a bit about what to expect from the tone of the flick, particularly as it involves the war:

“What’s exciting about Duncan Jones’ take on this video game is that it shows both sides of the war. It shows both sides of a conflict, which is exciting to me. It’s not just a video game turned into a movie. It’s asking, hopefully, an important question of, where do we limit our compassion for what we consider to be the bad guys?”

Now that sounds like it’s truly coming from the mind of director Duncan Jones. An emphasis on the morality of war? We could be looking at a World of Warcraft incarnation that pushes the genre beyond the typical levels of hack-and-slash that most people are no doubt expecting.

What say the Nerd Readers? Are you excited to see WoW in the theater? Or are the changes making you feel a little nervous about what Jones is putting together?

Check out the World of Warcraft movie in all of its glory when it hits the big screen on March 11th, 2016.


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