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As the quest to bring Ghostbusters 3 into the realm of reality continues, the powers-that-be must decide on who is actually going to be in charge of the damned thing. Whether Bill Murray is taking part or not, the movie still needs a director of some sort. Now, it looks like the folks at Sony/Columbia have set their sights on one man in particular – Ruben Fleischer.

Those that know Fleischer’s name probably know that his big screen moment came when he directed Zombieland. You may also recognize his name from all the Ant-Man-Edgar-Wright-takeover rumors that have been flying around as of late, as Fleischer is on the short list of those that Disney is looking at to direct that movie. So, assuming that all rumors are equal, Fleischer has a decision to make on which movie he wants to helm.

Lesse… Ghostbusters 3 minus most of the original cast members? Or a Marvel movie that will be introducing a potentially big-name character that will almost certainly go on to be in the third Avengers film? Unless Disney gives Fleischer the absolute “No” on Ant-Man, I’m guessing we won’t be seeing him connected to the shit-show that is Ghostbusters 3.


Source: The Wrap

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