Over the weekend, there was a bit of hubbub regarding who would be taking over the director’s chair for Edgar Wright on Marvel’s upcoming (and seemingly doomed) Ant-Man movie. First, Jeremy Smith over at AICN had the EXCLUSIVE! that Adam McKay was the lead out of the three names on a short list (which also included We’re the Millers director Rawson Thurber and Zombieland helmer Ruben Fleischer). McKay had apparently entered “in earnest” talks with Marvel in hopes of closing out a deal ASAP. But then McKay dropped the project, seemingly out of nowhere and leading the Internet Prognosticators to start shelling out their trademarked nonsese. Did Marvel lowball McKay? Was this simply the Studio using the media to reduce the true frontrunner’s fee? Did McKay demand a role for Will Ferrell? Were the talks even broached at all? Taking to Twitter, McKay cleared the air himself, citing a rather standard (and understandable) reason why he couldn’t take the job.

Via his hilariously titled social media handle:

So there you have it — nothing nefarious on either side. The deal just couldn’t get done due to conflicting schedules. I have to admit to being somewhat bummed about the news, as it seemed like Marvel was out to prove me wrong regarding their lack of compelling choices for director. With Fleischer in the running for Ghostbiusters III, we’ll probably end up getting stuck with Rawson Thurber, a shooter with no real flair or vision whatsoever (and who is also responsible for The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen). Maybe we’ll get lucky and Rudd will walk from the project now that his buddy (and two-time Anchorman collaborator) has stepped away, forcing Marvel to cancel the picture altogether and leaving the world to wonder with wide-eyes about what Ant-Man would’ve looked like at all on the big screen.

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