2014 has been kind of a dud for cinema as a whole, but one movie I definitely would place in my Top 10 (were the year ending tomorrow) is Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Brimming with great performances and kick-ass action set pieces, The Winter Solider delivered everything I wanted in a comic book film. Now details on the blu-ray have been finally released and it looks like this disc (just like most other Marvel home video releases) is jam-packed with awesome sounding bonus features.

As with all of these releases, it looks like those with access to a blu-ray player are going to be in for a slightly bigger treat. Check out the specs from the press release:


To entice you even further, Marvel dropped this trailer for the release today (via EW):

Pretty sweet stuff. The Winter Soldier arrives on digital platforms August 19 and on Blu-ray on September 9. To help the wait go by faster (or maybe slow it down a bit), why not check out our glowing review of the film?

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