Prepare for the deluge!

Now that Episode VII has officially been shooting for a few weeks in Abu Dhabi (that’s a French desert where there’s cheese stands, for those unsure of their geography), you can pretty much expect candid shots of everything from practical monsters to Harrison Ford eating steak salads to begin rolling in on a near-daily basis. Thankfully, TMZ (shudder) posted the former this morning (though I’d honestly kill for a still of Ford with A1 slathered on his mug) and we’re here to re-appropriate their watermarked goodness for the sake of cheap Internet traffic (is there any other kind?).

Here’s the collection of sun-blasted weirdness:


This is just a sample of the gallery (which is 45 pics deep!) that you can scope over at the notorious gossip site. TMZ goes on to say that their “Jedi sources” (heh) tell them that JJ Abrams’ new film is relying much more on practical effects than CGI. Also — JJ apparently doesn’t believe in AC, as everyone in these photos looks REALLY HOT (though, to be fair, it is the desert). Apparently, the super secretive director is also employing five slave children to run inside of that big beast’s belly, paying them only in jelly beans and old Marvel comics translated in German. The Disney Way!

Source: TMZ

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