Yesterday X-Force creator Rob Liefeld responded to a fan’s twitter question about the status of the X-Force movie. Liefeld’s response sparked a lot of articles, much like this one and several very interesting follow-up Twitter questions.

Let’s begin with the tweet that started the ball rolling down the hill.

Then we got:

Now the Cable speculation really started to take off:

Will an X-Force movie happen?

Is it official?

This next tweet really does show how much Liefeld loves interacting with his fans and even those that aren’t on the Liefeld bandwagon. He’s worth a convention visit, and is very gracious with fans. I’m not a big fan of some of his artwork and writing, but I cannot deny that he loves comics, superheros, and other comic book fans.

Twitter inevitably turned to the casting of Cable and this little gem popped up:

I could get on board with this casting. Hamm’s work on Mad Men has been fantastic and I could see him tackling the role of Cable with the same wonderful results. Who else might play Cable? Everyone pretty much expects him to make an appearance in X-Men: Apocalypse.

Everyone knows about FOX‘s desire to create  an X-Men Movie Universe. Start with Apocalypse, which leads you to Cable, which leads you to X-Force, which leads you to Deadpool, and a ton of other X-Men  properties like The New Mutants. It’s all there, waiting for FOX to capitalize on the current Superhero movie and television craze.

Isn’t everyone getting just a little bit tired of seeing the same mutants every time. Even Wolverine deserves a break every now and then. It’s certainly time for more mutants to take center stage.

At the Stan Lee panel at Wizard World Atlanta he was asked, “If X-Men wasn’t made would there be all these superhero movies today?” Stan responded by saying that the superhero movie craze was inevitable, once the special effects caught up to what the comic books show in issues every month. Once that happened, nothing could stop this movement.

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