The second attempt this year to re-infuse the Hercules mythos into Hollywood is making some Internet news today with the release of a new poster and full length trailer. Will Dwayne Johnson and director Brett Ratner‘s version fare better than Kellan Lutz and Renny Harlin‘s?

Seems like a no-brainer doesn’t it? On star power alone Hercules should trample The Legend of Hercules, but will this Hercules do well at the box office? Here’s the poster, and you can see that the film’s marketing rests squarely on the shoulders of Johnson’s name-power.



He certainly looks the part, although that also is pretty much a given. Try this little exercise. Off the top of your head, without much thought, quickly name three actors you think should play Hercules. I’m willing to put good money that Johnson is on EVERY list. He might not be first, but he is on there every time.

Here’s the full length trailer:

Damn, that Ian McShane could read the phone book and make it sound like edge of your seat entertainment. If you have not seen his work on Deadwood, go Netflix binge watch it, he is incredible. Combine that voice talent with the physical talents of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and we’ve got us an old-fashioned punch-in-the-gut Hercules film.

The CGI effects look great, that Hydra fight scene should be intense. There also looks to be a lot of practical effects going on as well. Although I am still not ready to forgive Ratner for X-Men III: The Last Stand, I am willing to give this Hercules movie a go, mainly because of Johnson and McShane.

What did you think of the trailer? Will this Hercules version bring all the boys to the yard?

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