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ABOVE: Trash any plans you had for a Godzilla cosplay, because if you can’t out do Sean Sumagaysay’s epic creation – codename “Project Nautilus – you’re not worthy. Check out more pics, including some of Sean’s preliminary sketches, over at Fashionably Geek. And hit the jump for another image of Sean in the suit I couldn’t help including.


Further proof Gareth Edwards must include Godzilla in his Star Wars stand alone film.


Game of Thrones inspires tons of artists every day, most who create amazing works based off the series. These pieces – see more at his blog! –  by Nikolas Ilic aren’t only instantly recognizale because they capture the characters so completely, but are stunning for their quirky style. [io9]

Speaking of Game of Thrones. Did you catch this week’s episode? Yowza! What an ending. Still, good to know actors Pedro Pascal and Hafthor Bjornsson remained friendly.


Can we all agree this is one of the best costumes you’ve ever seen!? I mean, yeah, that Godzilla is incredible because of how spot-on it is–but Darkwing Duck! That’s a grade-A and well executed cosplay. [Fashionably Geek]


He may not look like Matt Smith as much as this dude, but he sure as well sounds just like him! Plus, he’s Matt Smith-approved. [Nerd Approved]

This little girl will kick your ass. No question about that. [Dorkly]

Mario Kart 8 is out now! Have you played? Well good for you. Mario Kart is the only thing I miss about not upgrading my Wii to a Wii U. Especially since I’m missing out on Luigi being creepier than ever! [CZbwoi]

Keeping with the Mario Kart theme, here’s the a blues song we can all relate to: Blue Shell Blues by The Brett Domino Trio. [NintendoWiiUUK]


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