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ABOVE: Everyone loves for their flatware to reflect their interests, right? That’s that home decorating is all about! And when you can make plates with maps of Middle Earth or the coolest Star Wars pop art, why wouldn’t you? And yes, I said make. Check out the full DIY at Our Nerd Home.


Kratos is one tough dude, but I believe Diamond Cosplay‘s turn as the God(ess?) of War is even more badass. Everyone knows hell hath no fury like lady, amirite? See more of Esteban Chacón’s (of Web TeamJapan Foto) photos over at Fashionably Geek.


Because nothing makes some as terrifying as Attack on Titan less traumatizing than giving it a children’s book makeover. See even more at Neatorama.


Speaking of Attack on Titan, check out this absolutely fabulous Mikasa cosplay by Yuki Godbless. Man, wouldn’t it be awesome if we could really use that omni-directional gear. Beats the bus, that’s for sure. [Fashionably Geek]


Well these are simply the best: Transformer pens that really transform! It’s like all little-middle-schooler-me ever wanted. Sadly, there only available in Japan. No better time to get yourself a pen pal! [Kotaku]


Convention season is upon us, which means: cosplay videos! Here’s the latest from Sneaky Zebra at MCM London Comic Con. [Geeks Are Sexy]

With something as simple as removing the shaky cam all those shots of the turbulent bridge from Star Trek became way, way more lame. [Geekologie]

There have been A LOT of remixes for the Game of Thrones theme, but this one from Super Audio Time is definitely the most 80s. [Nerdist]

Major spoilers if you haven’t seen this last weekend’s Game of Thrones, but these are some excellent reactions to the duel between The Mountain and The Red Viper filmed at The Burlington Bar‘s weekly GoT viewing party. Not quite The Red Wedding, but still so messy. [Dorkly]


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