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Batman junkies may be a little irked that Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Knight video game has been delayed until next year. But, like all things we grow to love, it sometimes takes time to produce a top-notch game. One thing the gamer team has been showing off recently is a look at the way the Batmobile mechanics work. Unfortunately, the teaser we received doesn’t really go into detail about how these mechanics actually function in-game. Now, a voice in the dark has spoken up in an effort to enlighten us a bit about what we can expect.

In case you missed the teaser, here it is again:

So what exactly does all that flash mean for the game? Well, a lucky Kotaku girl by the name of Tina Amini got to try it out in a 20-minute demo. Read a bit of what she had to say about it:

The Batmobile operates in two modes. On a chase, pursuit mode is most appropriate. This is the Batmobile at its most blazingly fast speeds. Imagine a situation in which you, as Batman, are gliding through the air and need to make a transition into a chase. Players can call in their vehicle, swoop and glide into the driver’s seat from above, and continue on their pursuit in style. In the roughly 15-20 minutes of the game that I played, I didn’t get a chance to perform any suave moves that the Rocksteady crew did during their presentation, but I could tell it’s something you’d have to get the hang of. And once you do, it certainly looks like Batman-levels of cool.

The Batmobile’s other mode is battle mode. This mode makes the Batmobile feel heavier, driving at slower speeds with more deliberate movements and equipped with heavy firing options. In this transformation, the Batmobile’s got a host of various weapons: cannons, a riot suppressor, rockets, sharp sticks and more. Since Arkham Knight will introduce infantries, tanks and airborne drones, this tank version of the Batmobile is a necessary combatant to that.

It certainly sounds cool enough and, given the level of complexity Rocksteady has seemingly integrated, it’s no wonder they require a next-gen console to make it all work properly. Now if only we could get an actual demonstration of said gameplay, I would be a much happier man.

Come to think of it… Rocksteady has promised to give everyone a much better look at what Batman: Arkham Knight is all about in just a week at E3. So the wait is almost over.

Want to read all about Amini’s experience playing the game? Head over to Kotaku and check out the full article she put together. And then prepare yourself to wait until next year to get a chance to play it yourself.


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