Weeks after Edgar Wright left the project, Marvel is still in damage control regarding Ant-Man. 

We all figured that they would announce a replacement director quickly after Wright departed. Hell, they said they would. But the search for a new film maker has taken longer than expected. It’s also been one hell of a mess. If this is how the major studio deals with all its drama then the road ahead is going to be very, very rough indeed.

Now news comes that yet another director has passed on Ant-Man. The details are still fluid and unclear but the fact remains: this movie is without a director and the clock is ticking, ticking, ticking away.

The chain of events goes like this: Edgar Wright left the project abruptly, dropping jaws to the floor. After about a week, a shortlist of possible replacements emerged consisting of Adam MckayRuben Fleischer and Rawson Thurber. McKay seemed to be signing, then he wasn’t. Then just a few days ago it seemed like Fleischer has become attached to Ghostbusters 3, leaving Marvel with their (first?) choice, Thurber. Well now This is Infamous is saying that Thurber is also out. That report is being challenged a little but one thing that isn’t being challenged is that Marvel still doesn’t have anyone lined up for the gig with shooting scheduled to begin next month. That’s right, Marvel still has Ant-Man set to open in July 2015.

So Marvel might be making exciting headlines by finding a director for Doctor Strange and casting Josh Brolin as Thanos but their biggest PR disaster is still causing havoc.

This whole thing is just a complete mess. The biggest question now is if Ant-Man even happens. Let’s be honest, this isn’t a top-tier character, there aren’t millions of fans dying for the movie to be made. Most (all, really) of the excitement about the film was because of Wright’s involvement. With his departure, the balloon was deflated greatly. But Marvel won’t look like a loser here so they insist it’s still moving forward but this headache they have only grows. The calls for the studio to just let it go are growing, even from major comic book fans. Just put Ant-Man on the back burner for awhile instead of making a sub-par project because of your pride, Marvel. You goofed up, you made a mistake. Don’t make your brand suffer because of it.

But the likely conclusion is that the studio will find a director to slide in at the last moment and get things rolling. McKay said no, Fleischer is out and apparently Thurber is too but they aren’t the last directors on Earth. Surely there is one person out there willing to direct a superhero movie, even one with this much baggage.

Does Marvel pull it off? Do they land someone? Do they surprise us all and actually pick a good name to right these wrongs? At this point, even daring to guess is a bad move. We just have to let this thing work itself out.

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