In three days, Ghostbusters turns thirty (it was originally released June 8, 1984). To celebrate this momentous occasion, a new blu-ray package of the second highest grossing film of that year (it was beaten out by Beverly Hills Cop!) will be arriving this September, following a 700 screen theatrical release of a digitally re-mastered DCP in late August. That’s right, there’s a solid chance you’ll get the opportunity to revisit Ivan Reitman’s horror/comedy masterpiece on the big screen in a theater near you!

Entertainment Weekly has the EXCLUSIVE! regarding the August 29 re-release. That’ll be followed on September 16 by the 30th Anniversary Blu-Ray release of the original film, which will be paired in the same package with the first ever blu-ray release of Ghostbusters II. Here are some images of the set:


That Slimer statue is pretty sweet (though my wife will probably have “no more of that” in the house*). According to EW, the set will include “new conversations with director Ivan Reitman and [Dan] Aykroyd, as well as deleted scenes from the sequel”. Time to throw that previously released disc sporting a horrible transfer (you know the one…with the green cover) and get ready for (what I hope to be) a great looking re-vamp.

*Hey, my living room features original one sheets from Dressed to Kill, Conquest of the Planet of the Apes and Videodrome. I gotta respect the boundaries here. 

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