When the news broke the other day of Josh Trank‘s selection to direct one of the stand alone Star Wars movies, some die-hard Trank fans were pumping their fists and inserting their comments and the below video into the conversation.

Before Chronicle, and the Fantastic Four, Josh Trank was a director trying to break into the business and like many of those aspiring film makers, he made short films to show off his directing techniques and talent. Being interested in nerdy things it only made sense for Trank to tackle a Star Wars short.

Check out the video below that is rumored to have opened some doors for Trank and lead him to directing his first big movie, Chronicle.

What did you think? I liked it and the effects and Star Wars references smoothly fit into the short, and didn’t feel forced….wait did I just do that? I guess I did.

The burning question I have when it comes to Trank directing a Star Wars stand alone movie is this:

Will Michael B. Jordan be making an appearance?

He’s appeared in the last two Trank films and will appear in a third if the rumor of Trank directing the second Fantastic Four movie pan out. That means that in 4 out of 5 Trank movies, Jordan has had screen time. I’d love to see Jordan make the transition to the Star Wars franchise. Perhaps the son of Lando?


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