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ABOVE: Wonder Woman One-Shouldered one piece swimsuit. I fully expect to see some paparazzi photos of Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot wearing this at some foreign private beach.  [GeekAlerts]

Meet the “Knights of Unicron” – Optimus, Megatron, Soundwave and Jazz – in zebra-print deco with clip on mullet wigs and bandanas. The set also comes with “a concert-cool “roadie case,” packed with special edition posters, stickers, a concert ticket, All-Acess VIP pass, and tell-all history booklet depicting the journey of the Knights of Unicron.” It costs $185. [ToplessRobot]


Iron Man Arc Reactor Ring concept. For any dude that wears this as their wedding band, an obligatory Tony Stark mustache must be grown and  well kept throughout the duration of marriage. [PaulMitchelDesigns]

M. Bison being told that holding a Street Fighter tournament doesn’t make any financial sense. Pete Holmes works for Shadaloo? Everything makes sense now.  [PeteHolmes]

The Red Viper vs The Mountain. The End we all deserved to see! Not sure what everyone is talking about. THIS IS HOW IT HAPPENED! Note: If you haven’t seen the GoT episode, this would constitute as a pretty big spoiler.  [OzzyVersion]

A Heavy Metal tribute to the history of Video Games. Do you know them all?  [FamilyJules7X]

Neil deGrasse Tyson explains everything wrong with Gravity. I certainly understand suspension of disbelief. That argument, however, begs the question if the plot couldn’t just as well have been written so as to NOT require such “flags of disbelief” in the first place. [CinemaSins]


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