I take a lot of shots at Marvel for what I believe to be a neutering (or flat out execution) of their more creative directorial choices, but Guardians of the Galaxy may be the film that completely flies in the face of my criticisms. James Gunn seems to have delivered a product that bears his distinct fingerprint — a weird slice of sci-fi with an “off-beat” sense of humor all its own. Today, a new TV spot continues to showcase the lighthearted, eye-popping “fun” his MCU picture (hopefully) is going for, with a climactic shot of psychadelia featuring star Chris Pratt that truly has me intrigued on a sheer visual level.

Take a look at the clip for yourself:

Could this be the goofball space opera we all want (and, quite frankly, need)? Or are the TV spots and trailers simply cherry-picking the best parts of the movie? Most of me wants to believe that Marvel and Gunn will 100% deliver on the promise contained within these promos, as it’s just no fun being cynical whatsoever.

Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters August 1.

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