mcqueen as nightwing

Season 2 of Arrow just finished up a few weeks back and I and my fellow Arrowheads are eagerly awaiting what this amazingly produced show has to offer for season 3. We’ve seen quite a few familiar faces grace the small screen thus far, including an off-camera cameo by none-other-than Harley Quinn. So what kinds of goodies does the next season of Arrow have in store for us? Well, if the ever-present rumormill is to be believed, we should be getting a glimpse of Nightwing when the show returns in Fall.

The rumors were begun and are being perpetuated by actor Steven R McQueen (Vampire Diaries). For months McQueen has been teasing people on Twitter with references to Nightwing, pics of DC comic book titles and images of his “Nightwing training”. Now, we’ve got one more for you and this one may seal the deal:

mcqueen and amell

So what’s McQueen doing hanging out with none-other-than Arrow himself, Steve Amell? In the picture they’re at a Kings game, but said picture was also accompanied by the following:

“#arrow #nightwing #golakings”

While we can assume the first one refers to Amell and the last one has something to do with that strange hockey sport the kids are always talking about, the middle marker is very definitely McQueen poking the world and suggesting that he’s going to be stepping into the shoes of Nightwing.

Of course, it could always be that McQueen’s trying to generate hype and get the CW to take notice so he can get a job. But somehow I doubt that. Get ready for some Nightwing, Arrowheads!

What say the Nerd Readers? You ready for Nightwing to show up on Arrow? Do you think this might lead to another DC title hitting the television airwaves the same way that Flash’s appearance did?


Source: McQueen’s Instagram

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