Bad news for those who hate dragons, sex, dragon sex and/or dismemberment. It doesn’t look like Game of Thrones is going to be leaving HBO anytime soon, as a new ratings report indicates that the divisive fantasy series has officially become the most popular show in its history, beating The Sopranos, Sex and the City and everything else the critically acclaimed network has put into production.

The Wrap reported on the Game of Thrones numbers, which are setting series rating records each week. With the penultimate and ultimate episodes of Season Four left to air (note: check our Recap/Review of this past week’s installment right here), the series is averaging a “gross audience” (heh) of 18.4 million viewers. Before that, the 2002 season of The Sopranos had a gross average of 18.2 million, marking Game of Thrones as the new HBO champion.

To break it down — 18.4 million people don’t actually watch the show live. The May 18 episode (“Mockingbird”) reportedly had 7.2 million people watch it as it initially aired. This means at least 11.2 million people DVR’d the episode to watch later (which actually sheds some serious light on the “spolierphobes” this show breeds). And to be fair, the numbers might actually be a bit higher, as these DVR figures only count those who watch the episode within three days of it initially airing.

With the final two installments still yet to air, these numbers are only going to go up. And since HBO has already green-lit the show for two more seasons, it doesn’t seem like it’s is going to be dethroned (sorry, not sorry) unless the network has another cultural phenomenon up its sleeve.

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