Josh Boone is the latest director to try and adapt Stephen King’s 1000+ page apocalyptic epic for the big screen; a project that defeated both Ben Affleck (though you could say Batman stole him away) and Scott Cooper (Crazy HeartOut of the Furnace). Upon first glimpse, the young director is an odd choice, but Boone seems genuinely optimistic that he’s got both the tone and length of the behemoth superflu film nailed down.

While making the press rounds for The Fault In Our Stars (which comes out today and is surprisingly quite good), Boone had this to say about the adaptation:

“We’re gonna do one three-hour, R-rated version with an amazing A-list cast across the board. Every single one of those characters will be somebody you recognize and somebody you relate to. And it’s gonna be awesome.”

One movie, huh? While I appreciate Boone’s enthusiasm, I still struggle to wrap my head around a version of The Stand that runs less than four to five hours, split across two movies. But maybe streamlining the narrative will allow Boone and his collaborators to trim down the sillier aspects of King’s original text (“M-O-O-N! That spells EDITING!”).

The R-rating is definitely a relief, as it somewhat allays fears that Warner Bros. would be going a soft YA route with this version of the story. While the book is actually pretty tame in comparison to King’s other works, we’re still dealing with the end of humanity, after all. And to tell the truth, I kind of like the idea of going the A-Lister route with most of the cast. It might give the project the feel of an old time Hollywood disaster movie (think The Towering Inferno) writ large — something we haven’t seen on the big screen for quite some time.

However this plays out, I suspect Boone is going to be the filmmaker to see this one through to the end, as The Fault In Our Stars is going to make a shit ton of money this weekend, thus cementing him as a “must have” director on every studio’s list.

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