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Because it’s been more than 15 minutes without more news regarding the potential new director for Disney’s Ant-Man flick, we here at Nerd Bastards present something to ease your hungry minds. Yes, there are more directors being looked at and now there may actually even be a frontrunner in this annoying battle. Scroll on if you want to know more.

One new face to enter the fight is David Wain. You may know him as the director of films such as Wet Hot American Summer and Role Models. Yes, he’s a comedy director like so many of the other choices.

The rumored frontrunner is Peyton Reed. He has quite a few big-money movies to brag about, the most notable being Bring It On, The Break-Up and Yes Man. Why? Because the director of Bring It On is obviously Marvel comic book hero material.

Sigh… Given the talent that Disney is looking at to helm Ant-Man, I’m beginning to wonder what kind of movie this will end up being. Sure, a little comedy is fine in a super hero flick, but what the hell is the rest of the movie going to look like? If Disney is demanding pure comedy from this movie, I’m beginning to understand why Edgar Wright dropped out.

Assuming it actually gets made, look forward to seeing Ant-Man on the big screen come July 17th, 2015.


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