Horror remakes aren’t new new by any means. Between Screen Gems’ beat-for-beat “reboots” and Platinum Dunes’ gritty “re-imaginings”, the past ten years have seen nearly every marquee title and horror icon reinvented by modern producers and directors. Getting in on the decade old fad is WWE Studios, who have cast their tiniest superstar*, Dylan “Hornswoggle” Postl, as the titular keeper of Lucky Charms in Leprechaun: Origins.

Directed by TV Movie FX guru Zach Lipovsky and written by newcomer Harris Wilkinson (whose IMDB trivia of “Died (momentarily) once during knee surgery” is flat out amazing), this new take on the beastie who once menaced a nubile Jennifer Aniston focuses on a pair of American couples who are terrorized by the murderous, mythological Irish imp while vacationing in its home country. To tell the truth, this spot does a really great job of keeping the iconic baddie offscreen for the entirety of its minute and a half runtime, causing this unapologetic horror nut to really want to know what the new Leprechaun looks like. It’s all tinged with the same golden-to-shadowy hues of Marcus Nispel’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, which isn’t a bad thing as that was one of the better Platinum Dunes cash-ins.

WWE Studios aren’t strangers to the horror game, as one of their first films in 2006 was the Glen “Kane” Jacobs-starring slasher, See No Evil (2006). They also had a hand in the Brad Anderson suspense thriller The Call (2013) and, most recently, the modest hit OculusLeprechaun: Origins will be available on Digital HD, Video On Demand, and Pay-Per-View on August 26 and DVD/Blu-Ray September 30.

*At least I assume he’s the tiniest, as I’m not a WWE fan. 

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