It’s been a long and rough road to bring Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming‘s Powers adaptation off the comic book page and into your living room. Bendis recently took the stage at the PSN (Playstation Network) E3 event to announce the successful deal to bring the Powers adaptation to fans.

You might remember that FX took a stab at the series, even going so far as shooting a pilot with Jason Patric and Lucy Punch in the lead roles , but eventually decided to not bring the series to the small screen. Bendis and company continued to shop Powers to other networks with little success and eventually landed a deal with Sony to bring Powers into the latest method of bringing shows to the public, streaming TV.

Bendis was on hand at the Sony PSN stage at this years E3 to help announce the series details. Here’s a short intro and then the entire Sony presentation for E3.

You can jump to the 1:43:45 mark to see the entire Bendis presentation.

The inclusion of crime writer Charlie Huston (Already Dead) and producer Remi Aubuchon (Falling Skies, Caprica) are positive additions to the creative team. Bendis also announced that the series would begin streaming this December and that casting news would be hitting the Internet hot and heavy this summer.

The first episode of the series will be available for free to all Playstation Network users in December, with those PS Plus subscribers getting the entire first season for free.

Do you think this form of entertainment will become a viable, profitable, and successful way to bring television programming to the masses in the future? Will the series get a DVD release? There are sure to be some pirated versions hitting the Internet as the series hits the Playstation Network.

Will you be tuning in and more importantly, would you consider buying a Playstation just so you can see this series?


Via: EW

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