Vincent D'Onofrio

Fans of Full Metal Jacket (or Law & Order: Criminal Intent, depending on your age/viewing preferences) will be over the moon to know that consummate weirdo and distinguished character actor Vincent D’Onofrio has signed on to play Kingpin in Marvel/Netflix’s upcoming Daredevil series. Fresh off of a recent creative change-up and casting of the titular blind man of justice, this is an inspired move that will probably help regain fans’ confidence in the newly serialized superhero.

D’Onofrio is no stranger to playing crime lords, with his turn in DJ Caruso’s pre-Breaking Bad speed freakout The Salton Sea being the most notable (the pig nose!). The only question is: will he be in a more reserved mode here (see his L&O work) or bringing the same zany, bug-eyed energy to the role that made most of his earlier work so memorable. In my mind’s eye, I see Kingpin being played somewhat like Robert De Niro’s take on Al Capone in Brian De Palma’s The Untouchables; a ruthless, overweight sociopath who rules with an iron fist and a cigar between his teeth.

Production on Daredevil begins in July, with the 13-episode debut season set to drop all at once sometime next year. Meanwhile, please watch The Salton Sea. It’s such a bizarre little film that features killer work from both D’Onofrio and Val Kilmer.

Source: TV Guide

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