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Contrary to what you make assume from the title of this article, George R.R. Martin is in no way attached to the writing of the upcoming Magic: The Gathering film. The writer in question is one that works on penning the Game of Thrones television series, not the original books. Thus, the name of the man we are referring to is Bryan Cogman. Read on for even more information on this glorious development.

When you write for a show as successful as Game of Thrones, you’re bound to pick up a few jobs here and there. Such is the case with Cogman, who has been brought in by Fox and Hasbro Studios to bring the world’s most famous collectable card game to life on the big screen. Cogman, in case you wondered, also works as a producer and story editor for GoT. Whether he’ll bring all the boobs and violence we’ve come to associate with that show to the Magic adaptation remains to be seen.

Somehow, however, I think Magic will be going for a more PG audience.

What say thee, Nerd Readers? Is a Magic: The Gathering movie just another inevitable result of Hollywood trying to turn anything and everything with a brand name into a movie? Or could this work? Would you prefer boobs and blood or should they tune it down a bit?


Source: Deadline

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