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ABOVE: Jessica Nigri as Magneto. Miss Nigri……such a devastatingly beautiful woman!! Add to that, her outstanding cosplay choices and it is easy to see why so many fawn over her. [CBM


I find my lack owning this Samurai Darth Vader figure very disturbing. Japan, you do some wacky things but cool things like this more than make up for it.  [ToplessRobot]


Creative low poly Lara Croft cosplay takes me back to the classic PS1 days.  Low poly is a type of mesh in 3D programs with a small number of polygons. That leads to characters looking less than realistic. Poly boobs are still boobs. [FashionablyGeek]

Because everything needs to be done in Game of Thrones style these day, here’s what the Legend of Zelda loos like with a GoT opening theme.  [NerdApproved]

Uruk Hai Goes grocery shopping. Well that’s different. The peoples’ reactions that is. “Act like it doesn’t exist.” I’d like to see that tactic working when real Orcs invade. [Geekologie]

Mean Girls 8 Bit version. Stop trying to make “Fetch Quest” happen.  [Dorkly]

Realistic Mortal Kombat – watch as Sub Zero’s fatality faces the hard reality of basic physics.  [GeeksAreSexy]

“Most dad’s tell lame knock knock jokes, but you, you are the one who knocks!” – A Happy Fathers Day from Walt Jr, everyone.  [ScreenJunkies]


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