We’ve finally got a trailer from Nickelodeon and Studio Mir for the next chapter Book Three Change in The Legend of Korra saga. Check out all the action in the new series because that’s all there is in this trailer, not one single word is uttered, just a ton of flaming, water-soaked, earth moving kicks, punches, and elemental throws.

If only they powers that be could bring some of this to the big screen in a manner that befits the incredibly rich, interesting characters and stories of the franchise. Until that happens, we’ll have to continue to scratch that Airbender itch with the animated series. From the Avatar Wiki we’ve got the Book Three: Change synopsis:

Book Three: Change

On November 20, 2013, the series’ creators announced that Book Three of The Legend of Korra would be titled “Change” and explore how the world’s energy has shifted since Harmonic Convergence and the battle with Vaatu. It was also confirmed that the team had started post-production on the first few episodes of the new book, which will be set several weeks after the end of Book Two: Spirits and run for a total of thirteen episodes. On June 3, 2014, Michael Dante DiMartino announced that the book’s production was complete.

Here’s the trailer, and I have to say that it only wet my appetite for more!

What did you think, did you see your favorite character in there?

The series was scheduled to start some time this month, and I’m surprised that there was no premiere date at the end of that trailer. When an exact air date is made known, we’ll let you know.

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