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Whether you like it or not, the world of Internet journalism is one that demands you stick your nose where it doesn’t rightly belong. After all, how are we going to learn about all those rumors and spoilers if someone doesn’t go out and gather the info? While this does lead to some degree of anger from spoiler-hating fans (myself included) and production companies in general (re: the Star Wars Freakout” incident), it’s just a fact of the modern age. Now, some nosey journalist may have just stumbled upon some interesting information regarding the Warner Bros. casting of the Justice League film, including the main evil-bad-guy. Scroll on to see the three names he discovered.

Warning! Muthafckn Spoilers Ahead, Yo!

The journalist in question is Jeff Sneider of The Wrap. And if what he has to say is the truth, we should expect to see Martian Manhunter, Max Lord and… wait for it… Darkseid. Of course, these names make a certain degree of sense. After all, we’ll need Martian Manhunter and Max Lord to flesh out the Justice League mythos. And what better enemy for them to fight than uber-bad-ass, Darkseid?

Again, this is just another cog in the rumormill machine right now. If other rumors are correct, we’ll be getting some major revelations come San Diego Comic Con (July 24th to the 27th), some of which may or may not involve Warner Bros. and Zack Snyder telling us what’s really going on. At the very least, we can expect them to officially deny some of the rumors that have been saturating the Internet lately.

What say the Nerd Readers? Looking forward to seeing the JLA take on Darkseid? Or do you have another villain in mind that would be even cooler to see on the big screen?


Source: The Wrap

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