Unless they were in the first three Star Wars movies, we have no idea who anyone in the Star Wars Episode VII cast is playing in the film. Until the day comes that someone at Disney and/or Lucasfilm decides to let us in on the secret, we’re going to have to rely on rumor and intuition to guess who’s playing who in the film. But today’s bit of speculation seems to hint at the idea that one of the film’s new female cast members: Daisy Ridley, Gwendoline Christie and Lupita Nyong’o, is playing a villainess in Episode VII.

According to the scion of all things spoilery, Latino Review, it is all but a certainty that one of the three above actress will by playing a bad guy – so to speak – in the new Star Wars film. Further, Total Film pinpoints either Christie or Nyong’o, the two most recent casting additions, as the actress playing said villain, which is in keeping with previous speculation that Ridley’s playing the daughter of Han Solo and Princess Leia. As for the type of villain, there’s a one-in-two chance, reportedly, that she will be a Sith Lord. Or a Sith Lady depending on how those Sith titles work.

If all this is true, I say awesome. Female villainy has been sorely lacking in representation in Star Wars‘ live-action films, and I would be remiss if I didn’t point out the awesomely bad ass Asajj Ventress from the Clone Wars animated series. Ventress was a pretty complex character that went from cold, calculating and assured Sith warrior, to being a liability to Darth Sidious who tried to kill her, to becoming a bounty hunter with some kind of conscience. Hopefully, if these rumors are true, the Powers That Be can create as compelling a villainess.

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