See More of ‘The Flash’ With New Featurette

the flash

Even naysayers have to admit that what the CW has shown us thus far of their upcoming Flash television series is making it look pretty good. The effects are looking solid, Grant Gustin has already proven himself to be capable with his appearance on Arrow and the production values make it seem like the powers-that-be are taking this project seriously. Now, have yet one more taste of The Flash with a brand new featurette – Impossible Man.

Well, it ain’t much that we haven’t seen already. Stupid teasers and half-spoilers and people telling us that they’re not going to actually tell us anything… Still, I’m onboard for better or for worse. Between this, Arrow and the upcoming Gotham series, my weeks are going to be filled.

How are the Nerd Readers feeling about The Flash? Is it looking good or do you think this one’s going to fall flat on its face (at 100 MPH)?


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