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Dracula is known as one of the baddest, scariest, meanest dudes on the block. But was he always that way?

That’s what the new movie Dracula Untold is setting out to explore. Starring Luke Evans, the film will be about a young prince named Vlad, who tries to defend his family and his name but ends up becoming the Dracula we have feared and talked about for ages. He wasn’t always such  bad guy. He wasn’t always a smooth-talking, blood-sucking, cape-wearing monster.

Actually, if this new poster for the film is proof, maybe he was always wearing a cape.

The brand new image (above) and poster (below) for the film give us two different tastes. The picture doesn’t show much, just Evans holding a candle and looking at…something. The poster, on the other hand, is well-done. People have compared it to early Batman Begins posters and that’s absolutely fair. However, Batman and Dracula have a bit in common. They’re both rich, both live alone in quiet mansions, both hang out with bats a lot.

As well, Dracula Untold is an origin story, just like Batman Begins. Now, was anyone really asking for an origin story about Dracula? Not really. And with it comes some dangers, the same dangers that threaten to derail every origin story film. Do we really want to see a young Dracula? Isn’t the most interesting part of his life when he’s a vampire? Who wants to see him grapple with a fate we know he’ll have to endure? Who wants to watch him as a human? Showing how the good guy became the bad guy doesn’t always work, just look at the Star Wars prequels.

But people love vampires and people keep paying for origin stories so Dracula Untold will surely gain some interest before it opens. The film, directed by Gary Shore, hits theaters October 17th.

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Dracula Untold

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