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Han Solo might always shoot first, but after his on set accident, Harrison Ford most likely will be shooting his scenes last. When word hit the Internet last week that Ford had been injured on the set of J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars VII, the initial word was that the injury wasn’t serious. Now sources are reporting that the injury might have been a little more serious than first reported.

After a trip to the hospital, Ford is reportedly going to be on the sidelines for at least eight weeks. Now we can confirm that his ankle was broken on set and he’ll need those eight weeks to get back on his feet. Some sites reported that his hip of pelvis was also injured, but so far that is proving to be just more media invention.

The production is expected to continue in Ford’s absence, shooting around the actor’s scenes when possible and rescheduling any Han Solo scenes until later in the production schedule.

Will this affect the release date? There is no confirmation yet, but we can expect Abrams to make that December 18th, 2015 release date. These days, re-shoots are an expected part of a movie’s production schedule, Ford’s scenes could easily be squeezed into that schedule.

Will that mean that Ford will be running around the set in eight weeks? Hopefully that will be the case, but more likely he’ll just be getting back on his feet and need another month to feel steady enough to really put his ankle through its paces on set. They could use a double for the running scenes, and Ford could even be back on set in less than eight weeks, just doing all his “sitting down” scenes. Just like television shows do when the lead actress is pregnant, they hide her behind restaurant bars (Kaley Cuoco in The Big Bang Theory), or desks or something.

Via: The Mirror.

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