The People Are Bringing Another Case Against George Lucas

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A few years ago some filmmakers decided to take all that internet vitriol that existed against Star Wars creator George Lucas and made a casserole of it in a documentary called The People Vs. George Lucas. It was a great schadenfreude moment where we the little people got to eat Lucas alive for his crimes against humanity. Of course, those crimes are  re-editing movies he made and make new ones that didn’t line-up with our expectations, in fact it’s almost surprising that we didn’t burn down Skywalker Ranch in retaliation. So now, because one rake out isn’t enough, those same filmmakers are looking to put Lucas on trial again, this time for selling out to Big Mouse, Disney.

The film’s official website,, has all the details about the documentary, including information about how you, as with the last film, can assist with the roast:

We are proud to announce THE PEOPLE vs GEORGE LUCAS – EPISODE II is now officially in production, and slated for a December 2015 worldwide release.

In keeping with the tradition of our enormously popular original film, this participatory documentary is now open for submissions to fans around the world. Rants, opinions, parodies, fan films, images, songs, and creative speculations about STAR WARS – EPISODE VII are encouraged, and can be submitted directly via our


There is a great disturbance in the world of STAR WARS fandom.

While many seem delighted that George Lucas finally handed over the reins, and excited about the future of the franchise; others are worried about the Disneyfication of the galaxy far, far away that has defined their childhood.

THE PEOPLE vs. GEORGE LUCAS – EPISODE II will draw the curtain on the examination of the most complex relationship between a creator and his fans in the world of popular culture, asking the question: what does the future of STAR WARS look like without George Lucas?

For added fun and excitement, here’s the poster for the film:


I wasn’t a fan of the first PvGL, it just seems to me like such a waste of time, effort and energy to spend it obsessed over a millionaire that didn’t give you what you want. If you to be mad at rich people who do dick all with all their funds, get mad at all the CEOs who run companies literally sitting on trillions of dollars of liquid capital that could be spend on… well, anything: jobs, infrastructure, research. Those are the people we should be making movies about. Also, note the proposed release date of the movie, December 2015. It’s very Minority Report to hold a trial before a crime’s been committed, isn’t it?

But that’s to say that Lucas and his decisions are worth defending. His tinkering with the original films are galling, reshuffling certain scenes and adding bizarre details that undercut a lot of the drama in those first three films. But here’s something that will bake your noodle, there’s an entire generation of kids out there now for whom the prequels are the trilogy they grew up, and a lot of them think it was pretty good. Maybe it’s time to let sleeping dogs lie and put all this anger about what George Lucas did to Star Wars into something more productive, like solving global climate change, or bringing back Crystal Pepsi.

What do you Bastards have to say on the subject?

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