Donal Logue Talks About Bat-Fans and ‘Gotham’


It’s not easy being one of Gotham City’s top cops, there’s more scrutiny, second guessing, and editorializing by the media than the average person can handle, and that’s just from the Batman fans. Actor Donal Logue is going to have to get used to all the naval gazing since he’s playing the role of Detective Harvey Bullock in the new Fox series Gotham, but from the sounds of it, he’s already prepared for the passion Bat-fans will bring to bear on his new series should it not meet their high expectations. “That fan base is the most ardent, loyal — sometimes super-critical,” the actor said, “but they think critically about it because they care about it.”

In an interview following a recent screening of the Gotham pilot, Logue talked about the various facets of shooting a series like Gotham and playing a character like Bullock. For instance, did Logue do any research about the role before filming began?

“There’s a lot of [comics] — there’s Gotham Central, there’s just a lot of interesting literature where Bullock is a good guy,” said Logue, citing one of the best Batman comics in the last 20 years. “Bullock is also kind of a dirty [character] — he saves the day, but he makes some mistakes. I think that’s kind of what we’re going to see over the course of this long form when we get into Gotham.”

The appeal in playing Bullock for Logue is that he’s not necessarily good or evil, but an average, everyday blue-collar cop in Gotham City. “Ultimately, he has revealed himself to be a little bit of a fearless, good cop at heart,” he explained. “I’m fairly cynical. I believe a bit in moche politique — you kind of have to get in bed with the devil. I think that’s who he is. It’s absurd to be that idealistic if Gotham is the Jungian shadow of the world, you know what I mean? So of course, it’s up to [showrunner] Bruno [Heller], it’s up to [director] Danny Cannon where the individual storylines are going.”

Logue went into a little bit of detail about what’s in store for his character and the series. “After seeing the pilot, you see how my relationship with Jim Gordon will be tested when I’m like, ‘I was right, by the way, in that you have to do bad things in war to achieve bigger, better things. Can you do this?’ ‘Yes.’ And does he or does he not? Ultimately, a lot of people suffer when people wuss out, which is what’s going to happen, I think.”

Speaking of wussing out, it’s fair to say that the fan backlash to something like a TV show based on a comic book, when it’s bad, draws a lot of, shall we say, criticism. Logue says he’s ready for that though. “I accept all responsibility that comes with it. But I’m not scared by it,” he said.

“At the same time, we’re also free to — this is a new incarnation of it, and it’s going to be different,” Logue added. “I was never trying to do an imitation of the voice of Harvey Bullock in the animated series, and I think that when the legions of fans have this new version of the world of Gotham, then they’ll have this new bible to pore over that they’ll feel their own proprietary sense of ownership with it, I hope.”

Gotham premieres this fall on Fox.

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