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ABOVE: The Spartans from 300 aren’t only a popular cosplay choice for beefy dudes, but beefy ladies, too. Yet sadly, choosing to enter battle with no armor protecting your vital organs is still a terrible and often fatal idea. [Fashionably Geek]


Game of Thrones just wrapped its fourth season and was its finale a stunner or what!? Shocking reveals, shocking confrontations, shocking deaths–it had it all! So, have you ever wondered how you’d fare? Well this handy chart from Dorkly will help you figure out how’d likely you’d be to survive in Westeros.


The mighty Galactus meets his toughest challenger yet! A tiny Fionna. [Fashionably Geek]


I didn’t mark this with a spoiler warning because a) you won’t get the reference if you haven’t already seen what it’s parodying and b) The Lion King is 20 years old, guys. Come on. [Geeks Are Sexy]


A must have accessory for any kitchen loyal to the rebellion. Grab a set here. [Geekologie]


Epic Rap Battles of History has been a internet hit for years, but as if those YouTube commercials weren’t already a sign their popularity was only growing, here’s Weird Al rapping as Isaac Newton.

This ultimate Marvel super hero trailer is… ULTIMATE. ‘Nuff said. Well done, SouperboyX.

Just about everyone agreed Angelina Jolie owned the role of the dark fairy, Maleficent. But have you every considered Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson in the role? [Neatorama]


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