GOTG just keeps getting better and better. Director James Gunn just released a second Guardians of the Galaxy UK trailer and it’s caulk full of new, never before seen footage and dialogue that will make viewers sit up and take notice.

By all indications, this movie is going  to be one hell of a thrill ride, fusing action, comedy, and a whole lot of personality and character. Take a look at the trailer below and then let’s discuss it on the other side.

Sweet-Baby-Budda, that looked fantastic. Chris Pratt is already on the Hollywood fast track to stardom, but I really think this movie, along with Jurassic Park, will catapult Pratt into the world-wide celebrity conscious.

Now that we’re starting to see more of the movie’s dialogue and humor, I’m starting to hear folks talk about the similarities between GOTG and Firefly. Both have a lot of the things we love, a scrappy bunch of characters, humor that flows with the characters and doesn’t seem forced, plenty of action, but more importantly, interesting characters and relationships that develop before our eyes. If GOTG can capture some of that Firefly magic and fandom then the box office numbers should be huge.

Even that brief scene between Rocket (Bradley Cooper) and Starlord (Pratt) about the bomb Rocket built shows us what we can expect in the “down-times” of the movie. Characters developing relationships with funny bits that don’t feel forced or thrown in, but flow naturally between the characters.

What stood out to you the most in this new trailer? For me, it was the “I’ve got a plan… part of a plan.” That just cracked me up and really focused what Chris Pratt’s Starlord character is all about. It’s one of those things that Pratt does best as an actor, play the bumbling, lovable, sometimes, or most times depending on your perspective, guy that is just a bit out of his league. That guy that wants to make things better for everyone.

GOTG hits theater screens on August 1st.

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