max landis not directing ghostbusters 3

Ghostbusters 3, will it ever happen? Were I a gambler I’d put my money on no, but then again, when has Hollywood ever fought harder for a threequel? We’ve been hearing about the possibility of a Ghostbusters 3 for what feels like eons, and today, only more bad news.

Did you catch Nikki Finke‘s scoop (which has now been deleted) claiming that Max Landis (Chronicle) was coming in to polish up the turd that must be the Ghostbusters 3 script? Yeah, well, it’s not true. Though Landis surely had some thinking it was with these couple of Ghostbusters quotes he tweeted shortly after:

But, Landis quickly followed with a firm denial:

He did, however, share a very rough draft of an idea he’s had for a Ghostbusters 3:

Aw, man! Why isn’t this guy working on Ghostbusters 3!? Seriously, this would be awesome. Who hasn’t wondered about Slimer’s backstory?

Would Max Landis have made a good choice to either assist on the script or even direct Ghostbusters 3? Will this movie ever happen? Really? Because I won’t believe it until I see it. Just like ghosts.

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