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Because we just can’t wait until the movie actually releases in August, people are out and about and seeking spoilers for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy. It looks like someone may have even found one in the form of the post-credit scene from the movie. Read on if you want to hear all about it. Otherwise, avoid the spoilers and run off to someplace safe until you get a chance to sit down and see the flick in a theater.

Warning! Here there be SPOILERS!

This little tidbit is courtesy of El Mayimbe, that hit-or-miss source of Latino Review. And if he’s playing in the “hit” category this time around, we’re going to be having a look at this guy:


For those that don’t recognize the face, that’s the hero known as Nova. His real name is Richard Rider and he was originally a teenage kid from New York that ended up getting a buttload of power. He can fly, he’s strong as hell, he’s hard to kill and he’s fast. No, he’s not an Iron Man rip-off… He’s a space guy with very similar powers (in truth, very similar powers to about 200 other heroes), but he’s still Nova, dammit.

If the rumor is true, Nova could be nabbing up one of those pre-planned slots that Disney/Marvel has ready for the next couple of years. Being as how he’s been an Avenger before, we may even see him showing up to help the team out once Avengers 3 rolls around. This could be a good way to exit Iron Man, since Nova can do most of what Tony Stark can do, at least in the field. Alternatively, he could be a nice addition to a second Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

What say thee, O’ Nerd Readers? Is Nova the next hero you’d like to see? Or do you have a few other ideas you’d like to pitch to the Disney/Marvel overlords?

Don’t forget to check out Guardians of the Galaxy (and maybe Nova) when the movie releases on August 1st.


Source: MoviePilot

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