Yesterday the Internet was afire with rumors about Max Landis writing the Ghostbusters 3 script. Landis quickly dashed those rumors, but as we all know, the Internet can be a bull terrier when it gets its teeth into something and won’t let go. Landis decided, after multiple requests, to tweet out his pitch for Ghostbusters 3.


He starts off with his thoughts about the film’s opening scenes:


He laces it with lots of Ghostbusters lore that fans will love:




Then Landis goes “Boom!”screen-shot-2014-06-18-at-10-55-36-pm

I have to say that sounds freaky awesome!!! Landis continues:screen-shot-2014-06-18-at-10-56-00-pm



Holy crap, a Key & Peele Ghostbusters team? I really hope Key & Peele see this and put a Ghostbusters skit into their show next season. This idea allows for some great cameos and I imagine many of those listed would love to jump on board.screen-shot-2014-06-18-at-10-57-45-pm

This idea would have to include a respectful nod to Harold Ramis and his character Egon. It even sets it up so Bill Murray who, to many fans delight and chagrin, has waffled back and forth about Ghostbusters 3 for years. In this pitch, he doesn’t have to come back for the movie. Although perhaps he might see this series of tweets and get excited about the franchise again. He’s been so on again off again about it over the years, it’s become a running gag when Murray appears on The David Letterman show. Dan Aykroyd has been trying unsuccessfully for years to get Ghostbusters 3 back on track so we know he’s ready to strap his proton pack back on.

I have to say though, that as a Ghostbusters and Murray fan, I have a hard time imagining Ghostbusters 3 without him.

Landis wraps up his quick pitch with a tweet that pretty much sums up many of the Internet personalities one sees when talking about a much beloved property. The love/hate type that pervades Internet forums and chat rooms. The “I like it, but hate you” syndrome.


That opening is fantastic and dammit, I’d like to see it on the big screen. What did you think about his ideas? If you were a producer, and Landis gave you this pitch during the elevator ride to your office, would you green light it?

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