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As the days tick by until The CW’s fall season and the emergence of The Flash as the next big television super hero, the marketing team is hard at work in their attempts to pique our interest in the show. The latest tidbit is yet another Flash featurette. Entitled ‘Friend Zone’, this one gives us a look at the trials and tribulations revolving around poor Barry Allen’s love life, particularly where it comes to Iris West, his long time friend. Scroll on to check it out.

So yeah, they’d make a cute couple, but… what about Felicity? I know she’s stuck on Arrow right now, but if ever there were a match made in heaven, that’s the one. Friend zone him all you want, Iris – you don’t deserve The Flash. Or maybe it’s just me? Have I gone over the edge with my shipping?

What do the Nerd Readers think? Which lady is the right one for Barry?


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