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ABOVE: The $5 cosplay challenge ends in hilariously awful costumes. With that kind of money, you either buy a $5 foot long, or live long enough to wear a trash bag and some paper plates and receive internet fame. What’s sad is there are people who don’t have a price cap that do worse. [Kotaku


Say Cheese! Epic Joker cosplay replicating the famous Killing Joke cover. [Mr.MisianosJokerEmporium]


Buffy the Vampire is back to slay you with her cuteness, with these FunkoPop Figurines. [NerdApproved]


Following the release of the Iron Patriot Maquette, Sideshow Collectibles has teamed up with Legacy Effects, the special FX masters behind every Iron Man film, to produce the ultimate screen-accurate representation of Stark’s Mark 42 armor featured in Iron Man 3. Whether you’re a fan of the mustard/ketchup colored suit, you have to admit this is a cool piece.  [SideshowCollectibles]

Peter Dinklage sung to the Game of Thrones theme. Now all we need is the Nikolaj Coster-Waldau version… just as soon as someone learns how to properly pronounce his name.   [Dorkly]

The Star Wars Battle of Hoth gets sweded and we’re all the better for it! [Technabob]

Just when we all thought we’d never see anymore of these great X-Men firing scenes from Pete Holmes after his show got canceled, he posts this wonderfully naughty video of Jean Grey getting fired. OH Professor X…behave! [WarmingGlow]

Jimmy Kimmel interviews Lena Headey Game of Thrones style. This is fantastically fun. Everyone should interview Headey in this manner. EVERYONE! [JimmyKimmelLive]

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