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Every once in a while, Marvel Overlord Kevin Feige steps forward and spouts words of information regarding the state of affairs over at the Disney/Marvel production machine. This time around, he’s got a few updates on some upcoming flicks. Read on to hear what Feige has to say about Doctor Strange, Ant-Man & Edgar Wright, the new Marvel/Netflix television shows and the possibility of a Guardians of the Galaxy sequel.

There is a little concern out there surrounding the Ant-Man release. With Edgar Wright leaving the flick and the time it took to find a new director, some are worried that it may not come out on time. We’re also kind of curious as to what Feige has to say about Wright’s departure. According to Feige:

“Ant-Man is still going to come out on 17 July [2015], we start filming this August. Edgar Wright, who I’ve known for many years, who wrote the draft with Joe Cornish – much of the movie will still be based very much on that draft and the DNA of what Edgar has created up to this point, but Peyton Reed has stepped in [to direct].

“Adam McKay, a very good writer is reworking parts of the script – not the entirety of the script, but some of it – and it’s going to, we believe, come to life in the best version of Ant-Man that we could possibly make. Again Ant-Man is a very important character for us. We like that people don’t necessarily know what it is, we like that it sounds sort of strange when you first hear the notion of Ant-Man, or a hero that can shrink, but he’s a very key Marvel character: he’s a key Avenger. He’s an important character we want to bring into our universe and Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas and an amazing cast all set to start in August, we believe that we’re on the road to the best version of Ant-Man that we could have.”

Blah, blah, blah, promotional speak, blah, blah, blah, everything’s fine. Well, Feige is the master of saying a lot without actually saying much of anything. So what’s he got to say about Doctor Strange?

“Scott Derrickson has been announced as the director. Doctor Strange is a character that I’ve been interested in for many, many years and that I’ve talked about in interviews for probably 14 years, because I believe it’s very, very important for us to explore every nook and cranny of the comic-book universe and we’ve done the street-level heroes, and we’ve done the billionaire superheroes [on Earth]. We’ve now done the cosmic side with Thor and Avengers and most obviously with Guardians, but there’s a whole other side of the Marvel comics, which is that supernatural side – the interdimensional side of the Marvel universe, and Doctor Strange is, I believe, our entry point into that other realm, which has dozens of characters and storylines all of its own.

“So Strange is very, very important, not just because it’s an amazing character study, and a journey of a man who’s gone from this very arrogant surgeon to somebody who is quite Zen and literally keeps all of reality together on a daily basis, but it also is going to open up a whole other side of storytelling for our movies. So we’re about to hire a writer to redo a draft, and we think we’ll be casting probably in the next month or two, and announcing an actor, and then we get into production in the spring of next year.”

At least he’s a bit more informative there. It will be nice if he’s on track and we get to see some casting decisions soon. The fanboys out there are probably eager to find something to whine about now that the Batfleck fiasco has calmed down a bit.

So what’s up with Guardians of the Galaxy and does Disney/Marvel have a sequel lined up for the near future? Feige clarifies the way things work at the studio a bit:

“Every time we make a movie, we focus on the single movie, the importance of doing the best version we can to introduce a new audience to the characters. So we don’t have, necessarily, two or three or four movies planned because if we have a good idea – a fun idea for a scene or a cool character – we put it in this movie because we know if the first movie doesn’t work, there won’t be any movies after that.

“That being said, there are dozens and dozens of Guardians of the Galaxy storylines – there’s a group that came about in the ’60s, they were revamped again in the ’80s and they changed into this incarnation that you see in this movie about eight or nine years ago – so there are a lot of other characters and worlds and stories. So should this film work, should the audience come out for this one, there are definitely places we can take it and we have ideas of where we’d like to go with it, but really all the energy goes into the first movie first.”

Again, no real information. What he’s basically saying there is – “If we make money, we’ll look into it. If we don’t make money, then probably not.” Thanks, Feige, but we all know how Hollywood works.

And finally, Feige talks briefly about the new Marvel TV shows that will be coming to Netflix:

“I think the television division first and foremost needs to make great TV shows that stand on their own. But because it is Marvel, we do think they will all fall under the umbrella of the Cinematic Universe, the way Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. does now, the way the Agent Carter series will, so I do think that Daredevil and Jessica Jones and the other ones [Iron Fist and Luke Cage] will have a loose connection to the overall storyline.

“But, just like the most important thing for us with each film is that each film works independently and stands alone as a great movie, and then the fun part is it connecting to the other world; I think the TV group is doing the exact same thing with each series.”

At least we have the assurance that Marvel is linking all its properties, something that DC/WB has said that it probably won’t be doing (although I think they’re lying through their teeth about that one). Of course, if the shows end up sucking then there’s really no point in caring…

You can read even more of Feige’s carefully rehearsed, half-informational blather by checking out TotalFilm.

What say the Nerd Readers? Which project do you have the most hope for? Or is there another Marvel title you’d really like to see the Disney/Marvel team put together as a movie or TV show?


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