The Internet loves mash-ups and homages. For every couple of thousand we’re forced to endure through the social media shares of our friends, there are one or two that stand head and shoulders above the others and show us what a Mash-up could, and should be. This Star Wars/Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer is one of those fabulous few.

Brought to us by The Unusual Suspect, I can’t help but smile at the whole thing. Check it out, and then watch each movies original trailers to compare.

Here’s the incredible mash-up:

What did you think? Of course it had to use the entire trilogy to get all the shots and humor needed to replicate that GOTG feel, but wouldn’t that trailer make you want to see those films? Maybe it’s just that Ooga-Chaka music, like bacon, it makes everything better.

There was even an official Guardians of the Galaxy poster that pays tribute to that first iconic Star Wars movie poster.


Here’s the original Star Wars trailer from 1977:

Here’s the first full trailer from James Gunn‘s Guardians of the Galaxy:

I wonder if there might be some Star Wars Easter eggs hidden in the movie as well.

What other movies need the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer treatment?

Via: The Unusual Suspects

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