Edgar Ramirez Grabbing ‘Doctor Strange’ Role?


Welcome back to another exciting episode of “Who the heck is going to be appearing in that darned Doctor Strange movie?” This time around, it appears as if actor Edgar Ramirez may end up somewhere among the cast. Read on for all the info on the why and where of it.

For those that don’t already know, Ramirez has been working with Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson on a project called Deliver Us From Evil. Given that the two have been buddy-buddy for the duration of the production, it’s only natural that Ramirez might have chatted with Derrickson regarding a potential role in the director’s next flick.

When talking to IGN, Ramirez confirmed this by stating that the two had indeed been talking. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t elaborate any further than that. So whether Ramirez is up for the role of Stephen Strange or whether he’s looking at playing someone else in the film is an unknown. And since they’ve just been “talking”, there’s no way to know quite yet whether those discussions will go anywhere in the long-run.

If we hear anything else about what’s going on, we’ll let you know. Until then, keep tuning in to Nerd Bastards to learn all sorts of other cool stuff about all sorts of cool movies.


Source: IGN

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