There’s a new compilation video showing bits and pieces of SyFy‘s new season of shows making the Internet rounds this morning, and believe it or not, these shows actually fall into the category of Science Fiction. Click through to get your first look at SyFy’s adaptation of Terry Gilliam‘s 12 Monkeys.

SyFy is finally making an effort to bring actual SciFi shows to its network. Who would have dared dreamed this just 5 years ago when the network was awash with wrestling and absurd ghost hunting shows? Not this NerdBastard, but now we find ourselves on the cusp of a new age at SyFy. Heck, I might even stop making fun of that silly “y” in the network’s name.

The video teaser shows us glimpses of Defiance, Dominion, Haven, Ascension, 12 Monkeys, Helix, and The Expanse. This time around we’re going to focus on 12 Monkeys. The show stars Aaron Stanford (X-Men 2,  X-Men: The Last Stand) and Amanda Schull (Center Stage, Pretty Little Liars, Nikita).


Here’s the official press release that includes the synopsis:

Syfy’s pilot 12 Monkeys has cast Aaron Stanford and Amanda Schull in the project’s two lead roles. Also joining in key positions behind the camera are Natalie Chaidez (In Plain Sight, V, Heroes) as Executive Producer/Showrunner and Jeffrey Reiner (Helix, Friday Night Lights, Caprica) who will direct the pilot and also serve as Executive Producer.

The 60-minute pilot is being produced by Universal Cable Productions and Atlas Entertainment, producer of the original Bruce Willis-Brad Pitt theatrical directed by Terry Gilliam and released by Universal Pictures.  Production is slated to begin in December in Detroit.

Based on the classic hit film, 12 Monkeys follows the journey of a time traveler from the post-apocalyptic future who appears in present day on a mission to locate and eradicate the source of a deadly plague that will eventually decimate the human race.

Aaron Stanford (Nikita, X-Men: The Last Stand, X2) will play “Cole,” a desperate and haunted man from the near future, who travels to the present day to stop a deadly plague from being released on the world.

Amanda Schull  (Suits, Pretty Little Liars,  Center Stage) will play “Cassandra Railly,” a brilliant doctor who is forced to choose between her idyllic life or joining Cole’s mission to uncover the dangerous conspiracy.

Terry Matalas & Travis Fickett (Terra Nova, Nikita) wrote the pilot script and are Co-Executive Producers. Atlas Entertainment’s Charles Roven (American Hustle, Man of Steel, The Dark Knight Trilogy) and Richard Suckle (American Hustle, The International), will Executive Produce. Roven produced the original film.

Check out the video below and see if you can pick out the 12 Monkeys scenes. Here’s a hint, they start at the .31 mark:

Did you get all that? It goes past fast so we’ve grabbed some screen captures and posted them for you in the gallery below:

Are you as interested as I am to find out how such a great movie like 12 Monkeys translates to the small screen?We should be getting a trailer for the show soon. Those bits are obviously pulled from the pilot, and look a lot like a teaser trailer would. We’ll bring it to you as soon as it hits the Internet.

There’s a lot of shows worth watching on SyFy these days, Defiance and Helix being my two favorites so far. Here’s the schedule for the shows featured in the video:

Defiance airs Thursdays at 8ET|7c
Dominion airs Thursdays at 9ET|8c
Haven returns Fall 2014
Ascension premieres November 2014
12 Monkeys premieres January 2015
Helix returns in January 2015
The Expanse is coming to Syfy soon

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