Return of ‘Community’ Looks Grim as Hulu Opts Out

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When NBC decided that Community just wasn’t doing well enough to merit a season 6, fans everywhere were deeply saddened. We would not get the six seasons and a movie that Dan Harmon has been fighting for. But when news came down the pipeline of the Internetz informing us that Hulu might be picking the show up so that it could continue, a new era of hope dawned. Unfortunately, that hope may be short-lived.

According to sources, talks to revive the show via Hulu are over. The online TV provider has decided that they’re not going to be the ones to keep Community alive. While Sony Pictures Television could still shop around and try to find someone else to support our Community addiction, the contract with the actors on the show expires on June 30th. So things are on a bit of a deadline.

BUT! There may still be a little bit of light lingering at the end of the long-ass, zombie-infested tunnel. Sources also say that Hulu is still interested in being involved in some way (in what way, I have no idea) and that Sony has another buyer lurking in the shadows. So if they can hash something out and/or get the cast to stick around a little longer, we may yet see a season 6.

All we can do now is to sit and wait and say silent prayers to whatever gods control the television airwaves that Community may indeed see its sixth season.


Source: TV Line

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