Word has just broke that Shane Black (Iron Man 3, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) has been tagged to write and direct the reboot of 20th Century Fox’s Predator franchise.


THR is reporting that Shane will handle the first script treatment and then hand off the treatment to Fred Dekker, who will flesh out and finish the script. If you’re wondering how that might look, Black and Dekker did the same thing for Monster Squad, which is a much beloved nerdy fan favorite.

For those of you wondering if Black knows anything about the Predator franchise, he did have a part in the original Predator movie:

Shane Black as Rick Hawkins, the team’s radio operator and technical expert.


Yep, that’s him, just before his grisly death at the hands of the Predator. Black knows how Predator works and I feel comfortable with his butt in the director’s chair for the franchise reboot. We might not hear much for a while though as Black is currently working on his own original screenplay The Nice Guys and is still attached to direct the Doc Savage movie for Columbia Pictures.

We’ll have to wait for some more details from Black as to whether the new film will be a continuation of the current franchise or the full reboot. I would say a full reboot is in order for Predator, but perhaps focus on one of the alien hunters early visits to Earth, maybe during World War II or the American Revolution or something.

Then there’s casting to consider, will Arnold be back to reprise his role? I’d say he is a must have for at least a cameo. Who do you want to see in the movie? For that matter what do you want to see? A complete reboot or something entirely new?

Via: THR

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