Cruise and abrams

Just when you thought the rumors surrounding Star Wars: Episode VII couldn’t get any stranger, here’s one that should rattle your brain a bit. According to the ever-elusive and mysterious “sources”, action superstar and Scientology guru Tom Cruise may be making a wee bit of a cameo in the new flick. Read on for all the rumor-y goodness.

Warning! This rumor comes via The Sun, which some of you may know as a source that almost seems to pride itself on being unreliable. So take it as you will.

There are a number of factors that are being added together to come up with a “Tom Cruise is going to be in Star Wars 7” conclusion. First, he just happens to be in London, where they’re shooting the new installment. Also, he has worked with J.J. Abrams before, so maybe the director is catering to one of Cruise’s life-long dreams? It’s also said that Abrams and Cruise were seen together, along with several other folks that happen to be working on the new Star Wars.

So does all this mean that Cruise is going to be running around for a second or two in Episode VII? Probably not. But it’s always fun to speculate, especially when the rumor is this ridiculous.

What say thee, Nerd Readers? Do you think the evidence is compelling? Or are people just grabbing at any rumor they can find in order to make some news?


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