‘Wargames’ Reboot Picks Up Director and Writer


Some of you may remember a movie from way back when by the name of Wargames. Originally starring Matthew Broderick, Ally Sheedy and a host of second-stringers, it became a bit of a cult classic due to its statement on the 80s hot-button issue of nuclear war. Now, MGM is setting up to bring a new version of Wargames to the big screen. The first step in that process is, of course, to secure a writer and a director, which, sources say, has been accomplished. Read on to see what names MGM has gone with.

First and foremost, the new incarnation is going to be penned by Arash Amel. He’s fairly new to the Hollywood game with only a movie called Erased under his belt thus far. He’s also been contracted to write the sequel-tastic I Am Legend 2, though who in hell knows how that one’s going to pan out. Still, he’s the man that shall be crafting Wargames, The Rebootening.

As far as directing talent goes, MGM is bringing Dean Israelite in. He’s another name that most are probably unfamiliar with, his filmography consisting of nothing more than shorts and TV projects. So once again we’re left with little information from which to glean the possible route that the new Wargames will take.

Like it or not, Wargames is getting the reboot and it will be in the hands of Hollywood’s new talents. I guess now there’s little else to do other than wait to see who they decide to cast in the lead roles.

What do the Nerd Readers think of this? Could you see a Wargames reboot working out? Or this another case of Hollywood playing Missile Command with our childhood?


Source: Deadline

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